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"Police People" was created, and the stories are written, to try and improve relations between young people and the Police.  Most importantly, it is aimed to provide entertainment and a lighter insight to what we do.  Hopefully, we can encourage young people, as they get older, to interact more with "the local bobby".  This may make our communities a better, safer place to be in the future. 


Reading to your child is important

Research has shown that reading to your children at an early age helps to develop language skills, instils the love of books and learning, it also helps build parent-child bonds.

This can improve the child's social skills and future success. It is irrelevant at what early age you read to your child.... Just spend five minutes of quiet, quality time with your child and read a simple, fun book!

Just by carrying out this simple task, parents can be their child's first and best teacher. 

Police People books will be available to purchase from this site very soon.  The books are aimed at 'early readers' (5 - 8 yrs) and provide children with easy to read sentences and key words.  They are illustrated to a very high level that compliment the text within, making the story easier to absorb and become a part of.


Child Internet Safety


We are really proud to be associated and be part of CEOP.  (Child Expliotation and Online Protection)

This website has been endorsed by CEOP as a safe place to be for your child.  You can rest assured that your child can browse our site in a safe, fun learning enviroment. 


And Finally....

We hope you and child enjoy the Police People adventures and all that we stand for.  It is our intention to ensure every child has the opportunity to have a happy and safe childhood, with a bit of fun reading on the way.

All stories and weekly diary are written and posted by a serving Warwickshire Police Officer.  It is all done in my spare time and has no bearing or effect on the community I currently serve.

Your comments and thoughts are valuable to us. You can post a message and leave us your comments on "PC Bills weekly diary" or email us at:

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Thanks for visiting us :  The Police People team smiley


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