Police People Alphabet

billDo you know your Phonetic Alphabet? 

The Police People always use this alphabet to make sure that People on the radio can understand what they are saying.  All the letters of the alphabet have a word!

Take a look and see if you know any.


A = Alpha

B = Bravo

C = Charlie

D = Delta

E = Echo

F = Foxtrot

G = Golf

H = Hotel

I = India

J = Juliet

K = Kilo

L = Lima

M = Mike

N = November

O = Oscar

P = Papa

Q = Quebec

R = Romeo

S = Sierra

T = Tango

U = Uniform

V = Victor

W = Whiskey

X = X-ray

Y = Yankee

Z = Zulu

Next time you hear a Police Officer on their radio, you may be able to work out what they are saying! 


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